Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two different kinds of pain

The reason I haven't posted in several days is pain. I am a chronic pain patient. I won't bore you with the details, but when I am having a bad bout I can't sit at the computer. So no new blogs. If you are suffering with pain of any kind. Don't suffer. Get help. There are pain management clinics and docs that specialize in interventional pain management. Google those words. I'll try to get you some links. I won't be sitting for very long today.

The other pain I am having is California's Prop 8. I can't understand someone voting to take away a right that someone already has. It is disgraceful that the Mormon Church could serve up so much spiritual violence in one fell swoop. And the fact that they targeted California is sickening.
We will win this battle. If you want to join this movement, and especially if you are nauseated by how religious groups use the Bible to torture homosexuals in as many ways as they can, go to An amazing group.

I hope I will be able to post blogs more often. Yesterday I almost took the whole blog down. But if you can be patient...

Andrew Sullivan, a conservative commentator who also happens to be gay writes about Prop 8 in his recent blog in the Daily Dish. More on that later.

I have my husband's scarf on my needles. It is grey and green, bulky yarn from KnitPicks (Cadena), and I'm improvising a pattern from one he saw on the Banana Republic website.

Trying to stay out of pain and closely knit...GbLts, keep your chins up!



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  1. Well, here I am again. Carol, I'm more impressed than ever after reading this blog.

    Thanks for sharing the personal information about yourself. It will make reading what you write even more significant.

    I will go to the web sites you recommend in this blog.

    One suggestion: Find a blogging partner; that is, someone willing to write a blog now and then when you are in too much pain. Another idea is to create a bank of blogs -- some generic ones that can easily be posted when you can't spend time at the keyboard. I have a half dozen always ready to go.

    Keep up the good work. This blog meant a lot to me and I feel the same disappointment you do about California. I'll check in and see what I can do.