Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ravelry /The Trouble with Substitute Teaching

This blog is supposed to be about substitute teaching, but let me just start with a knitting comment. Last night I signed into Ravelry. (Yes, thank you Charles Leck for teaching me how to do a link!) For those of you who do not know, Ravelry is an online knitting community. I joined not knowing the POWER of a community like this. I have never joined MySpace or any of the other social networking sites, but if you are a knitter Ravelry can take you places you never dreamed of in the knitting world. You really have to join to understand, but I am working on my little Ravelry "world" as we speak. If you are a knitter, please join. It takes a few days. (There is a waiting list). Have I piqued your curiousity? I hope so.

Now, for substitute teaching. The trouble with it (or ONE of the troubles) is that you don't always work on the days you want to. That's pretty obvious. What isn't obvious maybe to some people is that if you want to work, you have to be ready to work even if you do not have a job arranged the night before. Let me try to explain. The high schools that I work for start classes at 7:20 am, an ungodly hour for Mr. Kotters and sweathogs alike. Frequently, I will get my phone call to sub at 6:45 am. It takes me a good 90 minutes to get ready. Make coffee, eat cereal, shower and use (ahem) the bathroom, get dressed, put on my face, (when I was 25 I could skip this part, but no more...), pack a get the picture. So, what I have to do, is get up at 5:15 whether I have a job or not, do all those things, and see if I get called. This is what I did both yesterday and today. And guess what...I'm at home blogging. And making $0.00 for doing it.

I like at home days, but with the economy the way it is, I should have been working today!

My best to you. If you google Mr. Kotter, you can watch old episodes.


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