Thursday, December 4, 2008

Short Takes

Three short takes tonight... I promise I will mention knitting, but you might not like it...

Number One:

Although I completely expected something terrible to happen, I was, nonetheless, very angry that some poor employee was trampled by shoppers in front of a Wal-Mart on Black Friday last week.
He wasn't just run over, he was run over TO DEATH! Why is it that shopping has become a dangerous sport in America? This is not the first year that someone has been injured or killed as a horde of greedy shoppers push their way into a store for the great early bird bargains the day after Thanksgiving. Who wouldn't risk their life to get the Paula Deen 10-piece non-stick cookware set for the low low price of only $99.97 or a Nikon Coolpix L18 8MP Digital Camera for only $99.84. (that might be the one Ashton Kutcher uses!!!!! OMG!)

I couldn't express this story any better than poet Andrei Codrescu. Click on this link: Deadly Stampede At Wal-Mart Not Surprising : NPR Best to listen to the audio. His voice has so much pathos.
If you read the comments, it is evident that several people really disagreed. Especially, the pro-lifer who uses any tragedy to remind women that they are scum.

Number two:

Why is it that we bailed out AIG for a whole heck of alot of money...("Just take this money, Wall Street Guys, and do whatever with it. No need to tell us what you plan to do or justify what you did."), but the Manufacturer Guys who hold together most of the middle class jobs in this country have to write an essay before Congress will even consider helping them. HMMMM
(You'd better have a plan, M Guys or no money for you). You get the picture...

Number 3:

Shame on me for reading shlock magazines. A very famous musician was interviewed about what he expects from his "women". Well, he expects great grooming including top of the line pedicures, manicures and facials. Oh, and let's not forget Brazilian Waxes. All of his women have to have Brazilians. No hair anywhere but on the head. Click the link, read the description and wonder when women had to be hairless to be women. I was under the impression that when you GOT hair down there you became a woman. This younger generation of men is disgusted by hair. This is extremely creepy. I must say -- Women of the world keep your "down there hair"! If your man wants you hairless, wouldn't he just prefer someone who didn't have to shave or wax it off at all? I TOLD YOU THIS WAS CREEPY!!

And if you are someone who has had SO MANY Brazilian waxes that no hair will grow there any more, maybe you can knit yourself some pubic hair.

I told you you wouldn't like it when I finally mentioned knitting...

Closely yours,


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