Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I Didn't Realize about Knitting

When I decided to pick up knitting again about one and a half years ago, it was just because some of the people at work were knitting scarves. The school nurse had started a knitting club after school for students (both sexes!) I thought, hey, this is something I know how to do. I can make a scarf! I had enjoyed knitting in the past; I had also done cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint and crochet. Baking is something I also enjoy, but since I turned, the weight fairy has been visiting almost every day. So, baking is something reserved for holidays. The work knitters were also knitting squares to make an afghan for a charity donation. This appealed to my social justice side- more than half of my psychological make up for sure.

I decided to make myself a scarf, all garter stitch out of Moda Dea Dream, a lusciously soft nylon and acrylic yarn, in a light blue. Then, since my mom really enjoyed soft things, I made her one out of the same yarn. This scarf turned out to be a major mitzvah because it was this scarf that comforted her in her last few days of life when she was battling leukemia brought on by the chemo she had had years before for non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

I had had no idea up to that point of the power of knitting. One of the other things I didn't realize about knitting is that it is meditative. For a person in pain, knitting can calm and distract. My pain is dulled and sometimes disappears in the gentle rhythm and repetition of the movement. If I concentrate on the needles as they knit and purl, I no longer pay attention to the pain. (Aside: There are MANY male knitters out there)

Consider the "knitting basket" giving program of Heifer International. A $500 donation will provide two llamas and two sheep to an impoverished family. Doesn't sound like much until you realize that these four animals can provide a steady income, raising an impoverished family out of poverty. Take the time to read the website, it is amazing. Perhaps, given the economic difficulties of the whole world, ideas of Christmas giving will evolve this year?

So, knitting gives outwardly and inwardly. Much more about this to come.

I am going to have my roots colored today. And what do you suppose I'll be doing while the color is working its way into my hair for 45 minutes?

Always closely knitting!


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